Friday, October 23, 2009

Back @ Blog.

Well after a long absence from the blog, it's time to drop a few lines.
Just got back from overseas, visiting my daughter in London and a great look round
Abbey Road studio which I have always wanted to do since the 60s. It was still as it looks in the pics, hasn't changed apart from the gear. The old desks etc were lining the hallways and looked pristine. I looked around the whole three floors and was in awe that this was the home of the Fabs, but the whole visit was topped off with a cuppa and biscuit in the canteen. Yes, I'm a happy man and still a bit Gob smacked.
Meanwhile, back in NZ, in The Lab this Vodaphone ad was being made. Check it out. The making of the latest vodaphone with our very own Jol Mulholland engineer, musician and all round great guy.
it's tech cool.

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