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Guitars & a view from the other side of the counter

@ BungalowBill’s - - - Issue one
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Guitar's & What's going down @Bungalow's

What's going down @ Bungalow Bill's
from week to week. Guitar's, people passing
thru and generally talking bollick's, and a
view from the other side of the counter!
wattage went on last moth in a numbshell!
passing thru, the Dragon guys tried one of the vintage lap slides, had a laugh and later that day played Sky city for NZ music month. Hammond Gamble & Midge Marsden did a few photo's in the shop for there promo gig at sky city.
producer for White Stripes & truck loads of other ultra cool groups joe chiccarelli dropped by said hi and had great chat. he's working on a project in nz.
Guitar Wise A gibson lucille, + Musicman,
a fender twin black face restored and hand wired to absolute new mega mint condition.
also Hello Sailor's Dave Mc cartney digs his
new reverend guitar, later on that week
Calum from the Checks drops in to check out nzs hot cake pedal for the new album
which he is ..just about to start recording.
meanwhile Peter Calder film & tv writer is realy enjoying the new ukulele he
purchased from yor's truly.

A Claim to Fame from the archives.

last year writer russel bailey was interviewing Rick Nielson guitarist from cheap Trick about his nz up and coming concert and talking about his unusually large ,(thats guitar collection}
and suggested BungalowBills and maybe he should check out
while he was here,so an email arrived
saying he liked the site and if i got any
unusual gats could i hang on to them
for him,but sadly the the concert got cancelled,but on the good side the guitar's
he would of liked got to stay here in khyber pass nz.
Its Rock & Roll

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04 Jun 2008

Guitars & cuppa tea with Bungalow Bill 1(update edit)
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