Monday, May 25, 2009

NZ Guitar Record

Mal,Bungalow Bill & Mr Glyn 3 of 830 guitar players.
Sunday 24/5/09 Sky City 11am with 830 guitar players thrashing out "Why Does Love do this to me" equals a lot of fun and a real good feeling.
Everybody who went had a blast no serious thoughts just pure no bullshit fun.

Bill Bungalow

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ukeleles are Ridiculously Cool

UKE'S are huge, George Harrison once said he loved anyone who played a ukelele because
it was so much fun. He always traveled with two ukelele's so that if he met anyone they could jam with him. Jimmy Nail the English actor was blown away when on holiday somewhere hot, he bumped into George who offered him a uke and a jam, whoa, Beatle George man, how cool would that have been. Anybody, I mean Anybody, can play basic chords on a uke it always makes you want to smile or laugh. A uke is ridiculous and that's why it is some much fun.

Seeya somewhere warm


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vintage into Digital & back into Anolog

Dave Stuart of Dexters pedal mods,came into the shop last week and apart from him and i talking bollicks and having a great exchange of (crack)talking, we had a bit of laughed (he a really is great guy)Dave ask who doe's your web site (, my answer was me Dave,but a few years ago you could'nt turn a computer on!(me) i know Dave but i could not afford to pay anybody to do it.
Well Dave gave me a great quote, Bill you have turned "Digital in to Anolog"how good is that!
So it just goes show if you don't know what your doing for the most you can still achieve what you set out to DO.
Keep the experts away as long as possible

i will sign off now as the computer valves are over heating
Bill Bungalow

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Auckland we are 4th

Well worth while project for Cure Kids. And it shows that we (Auckland ) can laugh at ourselves with a worth while cause, i love it.