Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all about people

It's great to have passion about what your doing and to have a load of laughs when in the business of Rock & Roll. Dealing with like minded people for the most, with guitars, the sounds you can create out of them, the amazing shapes and colours of playable art. Invest right and you will always break even or get a better than purchase return. But more than that the guitar becomes an extension of your sole and personality, some say its as intimate as you can get without risking divorce!

And the point is, I did not invest in bits of paper! Building money on nothing (somebody is always gonna lose on bits of paper) It's just not tangible, so I manage to keep my shop ticking over with your help (thanks customers) and I could not be more grateful for investing my love and passion for guitars and music. Ekking a living in a very interesting time in history, I always reckon its
all about people and connecting, sharing a few stories and making people feel good and enjoying your job It's Rock & Roll.

Also check out Real Groove Oct/Nov 2008, they did an article on my years of running my studio The Lab which started twenty five years ago,